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Could use help with a Garlean defector character


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Heya! Long time FFXIV player and first time poster. Came across this forum while searching for resources and thought this would be a better place to ask RP related questions than the subreddit. Anyways! I haven't gotten into RP yet as I'm still building my character. She is a conscript from one of the first territories on Ilsabard to be conquered and who obtained citizenship through her military service and accomplishments before defecting to Eorzea. Like Cid and Jenomis she is a bit of an idealist who loves her country but does not agree with actions of the government. She reasoned that she could do more good outside of the Empire, but is resolved to eventually return to help change the Empire for the better.


Bit of a tangent there, but that's the gist of the character. I'm one of those people that likes to tie their in-game class / job to their character, and that's where I'm struggling. The obvious choices are Gunbreaker and Machinist. I'm not too big on tanking and I'm hesitant to try RPing as a Machinist as that would involve trying to play as a character who's much more intelligent than I am IRL, so not really sure how to go about that. I should note that she isn't of the Garlean race, so aether use is no issue. Any advice or suggestions are welcome. :3

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Garleans have more than just guns and "gunswords" at their disposal. Not everyone, especially those conscripted, use, much less know a lot about, the high end machinations of the empire. So, really, just about any weapon/class/job (within reason) would work, including magic casters since you're playing a conscript. Keep in mind, this also means that your character can be just about any of the races, as well, and doesn't have to be Garlean (the race).


So, play what you want to play, really, as just about any of the weapon types would work for a Garlean conscript.

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Wow, what a great time to defect! lmao


You don't really need to be that clever to be a Machinist! You can simply know how to use firearms and aetherotransformers. As for roles within the Empire (or former roles in your case), almost any role you can think of in our modern military and intelligence, you can find an analogue for in the Empire.  There is also Mirke's wonderful lore compilation to draw from, but do be careful as there are spoilers within!

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Garleans can use all sorts of weaponry and with your character able to use aether, anything is a possibility. If you want to give your character some Garlean flare, you could always pick the class of your choice and give them a Magitek weapon that might have extra utilities. (For example, my pureblood Garlean character is a Warrior; he uses a Magitek gun-axe.) As for Machinist, I know you mentioned you like to interweave your gameplay and role-play, but it doesn't necessarily have to be 1:1. If you want to play a Machinist, if the important part is that your character uses a gun, they could always just be a regular marksman or sniper and not strictly a Machinist in specific.

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