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Well, my long awaited intro

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So I decided to do my long awaited introduction as I've been tied up in a variety of projects lately. First of all, not sure if Ryaadi will be the name I use in game yet necessarily. So for now, I'll just go by Ry or whatever to make it simple. I've been roleplaying online for nearly 18 years, taking intermediate breaks but 99% of it has been online since the old days of AOL and Prodigy. I also like to write for fun, but never went full serious into trying to get anything published. I should try though!


I've been a gamer since a kid, while also recently finishing college and actively working to get a career. Job market's tough yanno! Anyway, I've done numerous things over the years regarding roleplaying and running events. I have a strong philosophy of let the players direct the story and let's see character development.  I'm story-driven to the extent that I like to DM at times, let players run with the story and see -exactly- what they do with it or what the outcome may be through their actions.


I also have been a raider in WoW, Rift and a few other games. My first MMO was Ultima Online and I miss the good ole age of unity against the pks in that game. So with that in mind, I also do focus on enjoying the content of an MMO through OOC or IC means. So what does this mean? Well, I'm versatile in that regard, while I classify myself as a heavy roleplayer... I am not in character 24/7. I also enjoy the social aspect, getting to know folks and building bridges. I've met many good friends over the years, people I know and trust like I would a brother or sister.


In addition, I was also a version 1.0 FF14 player, I got decently far back in the day once chaining got released, good ole dire mites and dinosaurs! Anyway, with that said - there is about 10 of us coming over plus some, half roleplayers/raiders and the other half raiders.


  I'm part of a two year old, small game community that likes to focus on having fun, and being a family. Definitely, not interested in having 20000+ members :P. I know that's what sometimes people think about with game communities. I see it as a group of people who enjoy each other's time, and always wanting to find more like minded folks to hang out with. We're finishing up the roleplaying section and eventually we'll get that information posted in the linkshell section.


I'm looking forward to doing some dungeons, roleplay events and beyond on Balmung. If the servers get too full, we'll hit Gilgamesh but for now Balmung it is, although I do miss Besaid for the record! Even though it was merged! Oh boy, didn't mean to be long winded. Anyway, if anyone wants to dialogue about RP characters, more about me, or anything -- happy to answer. Otherwise, we'll see you in game or on the forums. :D


P.S. I didn't proofread this, so there may be some typos or off words. Apologies ahead of time.

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*still reading*



*reads more*



*pauses for a drink*





HI!! Welcome to RPC!!! Oh boy that takes me back!! AOL and Prodigy!!! You have just made my day...but also made me realize I feel super old!!! :P


Anyhow!! I hope to RP with you Whether its Gilg or Bal~! ((shortened out of laziness!!))

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