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New to RP, need help with lore related ability!

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Hello! I’ve been interested in RP for a long time and now I’m finally getting into it. I made my carrd and character in a way that I really like but I want to make sure her abilities make sense somewhat in lore and in the way they work in general.

Essentially my character is an aetheric researcher and has a very keen sense of aether in both people and the environment. She can’t necessarily see it but she can feel it’s presence and gauge how much or little resides within a being and tell what effects it may have. That being said, there was an incident while she was casting some questionable magicks which brought her very close to the aetherial realm and as a consequence of this she is unable to easily tap into or measure her own aether. The way I think about it is that she has a hard time using magic that uses her own aether like black magic but is still capable of drawing it from other sources, so she’s able to do conjury and astrologian magic since they draw from a different source of aether. She’s capable of using her own aether but often has no idea how far she can go without becoming weak or on the more dangerous side, exhausting her own source.


Mainly I want to know if this makes sense In the context of what we know about aether and how it acts. I’ve tried really hard to read up on it but I still feel a bit confused. I’m also wondering if simply not being able to easily connect with your own aether is too light on the consequences for getting that close to the aetherial sea, granted it was only for a very short time. Considering some main characters lost more important things like eyesight even though they were exposed to it much longer, just want to make sure it’s not totally wild that worse didn’t happen to my character. 

Would really appreciate any help on this! Thank you in advance!

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A lot of the lore we have on aether is pretty vague and does not go into a lot of specifics like that, so I'd say your character is fine and as valid an interpretation as anything else.

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