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Returning Player and new to FF14 RP!

Soma Myrdin

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Hello there everyone! I am a returning player that had stopped around Shadowbringers. However, I have returned and have been having a blast so far running through the game once more! Decided to make a midland Hyur for the moment, and styled a glam around a character that I like. Though I do plan on turning into a male Viera the moment Endwalker allows us to. At the moment, my server is Mateus, but I can of course travel around if needed!

Personally, I'm rather new to FF14 roleplaying, but I have experiences in other avenues. Mostly though text and things of that nature, been itching to do some fun stuff with people! Ah, and I'm also looking for ways to make my game look super pretty for screenshots and things, seems fun!

Currently aiming to be a medium/heavy sort of rper once I get comfortable enough. Though I don't mind light rp as well! My characters all tend to be rather free-spirited and relaxed, however I do have ideas for other sorts of characters that I would certainly enjoy trying out once I get the chance.

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