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Ahoy there!


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So decided my first post should be a welcome desk post, before yaknow.. posting something that gets me disliked :D



So since there isnt a template for this stuff, im just going to ramble at you.


Im Tsori, im 24, i live in the UK. All normal stuff so far.


Outside of gaming, i am a concept artist, development artist, environment artist and game developer for Codemasters UK. Anyone who has played anything by codemasters in the past few years will have seen some of my artwork, even without knowing it. I got into this whole thing luckily through LOTRO, back when codemasters birmingham handled the EU side of things. They loved a bit of my artwork and asked me to join up and its been getting better ever since.



Im an avid fan of art, as my job requires me to be. But also gaming, especially MMO gaming. I am fascinated by social interaction within games and believe it takes a fully persistant world to really capitalise on this. I have played almost every MMO you can name in the past 10 years, on every pay model. Some of you may recognise the name however ive used plenty others such as Ioni, Alyssiana, Catz, Tsion ect ect.


Im not new to the RP scene either, however i have only been RPing in MMO's in the past 2 years, beginning in SWG, then a little in WoW, Champions online, dcuo, STO and most recently GW2. Being a creative person obviously RP is a brilliant outlet as is taking your ideas of story and letting others tamper with it.


So onto FF14!-


Il be honest here, i didnt even try 1.0, ripples of what happened at release and the months following were felt even here in the UK Industry. The idea that something could drop in such a way seemed impossible. However, when you sit at a pc all day.. you dont want to come home and sit at a pc to game. Unfortunately its a running trend with developers, we dont want to sit and play pc games because its just like work. As such ive made the recent shift to the console, i began prepping myself to the reality that i would likely be forced to play DCUO on the ps3/ps4 until TESO is released next spring, however for those that know, DCUO PS3 has no attempt at RP in any shape or form. Then i see sparks of FF14 as i browsed the web and im intrigued, the biggest barrier to alot of PS3 MMO RP communities is the stereotype that its "impossible to RP on a console". Currently arguments span far and wide across most elder scrolls online forums about how PS3 Roleplayers are not welcome. 


I disagree. However... thanks to ARR's setup that isnt an issue, i will be there, alongside the pc roleplayers. So heres where im at now, luckily i got into beta a few days ago.. just in time for the last weekend to finish -_-. So i am amply looking forward to next weekend, checking every site on information, trying to get an idea of what characters i want, how i want them to be, what guilds to look for.  You will find a few more posts from myself in various linkshell topics and i also hope to chime in on roleplaying as a whole.





For once, i want to settle on one character and play it through. Too often i leave unfinished characters in the wayside due to seeing another id prefer. However my general themes tend to evolve around characters such as:





Background characters


I much prefer to be a background character over the center of attention. I like fully formed characters with depth, so so so so much depth that it takes more than a day to get to know them. I want to be surprising you IC for months. My backstorys always have twists, characters are never what they seem. I never go evil, never go criminal. Yet i avoid "good" characters. I need that balance, i need it to seem human.




Well thats pretty much me. :D

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I see the words steampunk and technomages (^.^) Nice


Anywho, let me be the first to welcome you to the forums.


*Grinning, grasping a microphone, leans sideways toward Tsori and in a broad motion arcs his free hand up and around* "Welcome to the Forums!"

*A single underinflated balloon cascades to the floor*


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Actually there is somewhat of a template if you look at the "Welcome" thread that is up top.


Anyhow Welcome to RPC, i hope you enjoy your stay and that we'll get along :3




Ahh..that was the only one I didn't look at =P ah well too late now

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