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OOC: New to FF XIV and looking for more LGBTQIA+ rpers : ) IC: Big Gay Himbo needs friends who can read.


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OOC:  I'm a 29 year old trans gay dude who's still new Final Fantasy but I've recently discovered the RP side of the game. I'm not new to RP at all but I am in this game. It's wild what all you can do with it!


On my DC (Crystal, Diablos) though, I've been having a hard time finding many LGBTQAI+ areas that are, I guess, specifically just LGBTQAI+. Like gay bars and the like. I check the party finder a lot but I guess I'm just on the wrong side of the states! (PST)Let me know of any places you like and would care to share! (brothels and the like are ok too!!) : )


IC: Roy is just a cis gay dude who's new to the scene and looking to make friends. He has a hard time doing it due to being a Roegedyn and worrying that smaller races will be scared of his large stature. He does his best to give them space but will gladly jump up to protect anyone smaller than him!


He's also nervous around other queer people, never having been in a relationship but swearing that he knows he likes guys despite it. He's not looking for ERP, just sfw stuff and friends!


When not in LGBTQAI+ places, he's loud, excitable, and extremely positive. Being a himbo, he's not brightest Crayon in the box but what he lacks in smarts, he makes up for in compassion, loyalty and strength!! He's not very well read, in fact, he can't read at all! But maybe, with a little patience, your character can help him start?


When fighting, or in parties, if he can't figure out the puzzle or trick to beating a foe, he might get overwhelmed and so frustrated that he may start to cry. Don't worry, though, feel free to help him out and hell wipe his face and buy you any drink you'd like after!


Thanks for reading this! Sorry if it's a lot!


Here's Roy's carrd! (its still a WIP cause I'm still workin' out his character.)



P.S. I get lost in the chat, especially when it moves so fast cause of my dyslexia!! If you find me in the wild, feel free to hit me with a /tell!!

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Hello there, Roy, welcome! :D I don't know of any specifically LGBTQIA+ IC spaces or events (aside from the RP events that always pop up around pride month), but I'm sure there are plenty of LGBTQIA+ social groups that may also have some RP facet. I have seen some bara-themed events/groups long in the past, but I don't think any of those are active anymore. I assume there probably aren't too many RP spaces specifically geared toward IC LGBTQIA+ communities, because gender and sexuality do not seem to be much of an issue in Eorzea, which has also been embraced by the majority of the RP community since so many of us are queer ourselves, as our many of our characters. I guess it depends what spaces/circles you frequent, but I meet more LGBTQIA+ characters than not even in totally non-specified spaces. Best of luck, and I hope you find what you're looking for!

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Omg a bara meet up... that would be so amazing! I've definitely been seeing a lot of queer people with their carrd links speaking on their gender and sexuality, but yeah I guess I'm lookin for more venues that are LGBTQAI+ related.  Mostly I've just been rushing to see if they have anything in their search profiles or their carrds. You have no idea how many carrds I pull up while I'm out and about hahaha!!  Peepin thein info and getting inspo on how to do my own. But thank you for the well wishes!!! ❤️ I'm sure I'll find more soon! :)

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