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Inquiry on Events


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Hello RPers of Eorzea!

I am working on a project for FFXIV, and a section of it includes what is essentially "Classified Ads". I want to be sure all sides of FFXIV are represented, especially the RP community I have come to love.

That being said, I wanted to know if there are any "these are the main events" that happen in the community each year that people work together to advertise? I would like to assist in that advertising by creating a section for it in the "Classified Ads" I mentioned above.

Of course, smaller events are going to be included as well, but as this would be the first iteration of the project, I wanted to start simple and see where it goes.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you,

Salem Valkyrie

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Hello hello!

I don't really like listing specific events as I think every event deserves to get a signalboost and not feel like they're any more or less important than anyone else (plus there aren't really any objective "main" events here, just personal biases), so that being said, the community calendar on here and the FFXIV Event Calendar are great places to look for events being advertised. You can also find RP events often advertised on tumblr and in any of the numerous community Discords.

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This helps a lot! Granted, I want every event to get its spot. As I mentioned, I was just curious whether or not there was a Major event (e.g. Christmas party, New Years Rave, etc) that everyone tried to gather for. 

I will look at the calendar you mentioned, it does help a lot.


I appreciate it!

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