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hey! i'm extremely new to ffxiv ( so new that my game hasn't even finished downloading... ) but not at all new to roleplay. i've tangoed on forums, tumblr, discord, chatzy, youtube comments . . .


i've a ton of questions, but none so large this: are we expected to get a ton of art for our character commissioned? like is there any bias within the rpc for not doing so . . .


really, are character references required at all? i figured no, as the in-game models seem pretty Detailed, but, y'never know....



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I don't think you need much art! I see a lot of Carrds that are just screen shots. Mine is all screenshots I took as well, no art at all! And I do art for a living lmao! BUT WELCOME TO THE GAME!! If you ever need any help with dungeons lmk! :)

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Hello there, Egowisp, welcome! :D Art is totally optional. Your in-game avatar and your descriptions in RP will serve as a good enough portrayal of your character.

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