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I heard that, according to many scholars and wisemen, one is suppoused to drop an introduction here before posting or lurking around for a long period of time. Not doing so is considered unpolite and punished by getting cookies. So, following the protocols of this time and I age...I actually posted on other sub-forums first. Oops!


You should probably know that english is not my first language. So please excuse me if I commit any orthographic and/or gramatic atrocities while I'm here. I'll try to keep them to a bare minimum. Disclaimer: the 'bare minimum' previously mentioned might be fatal for sentient creatures.


I played Lineage 2, WoW, a bit of Aion, some Champions Online and TERA. The last of which I actually still play. Kinda. Sorta. I just log in to roleplay, really.


Now I flee because, as I stated before, the Law might pursue me since I didn't follow the due introduction protocols!


Disclaimer: Add a chase theme music of your choosing here.

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Hello and Welcome!!


Though I suppose you go off lucky. We didn't make you stand at the front of the class and write your name on the board while we all stare you like you are in your underwear! An--Did..did you just run off!!! Hey wait for mee I wasn't finished TEASING I MEAN PICKIN' ON....Oh heck!!! *chases after*

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