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Newbie Looking For RP


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I’m very new to the game but very keen to find some friends to RP with. I’m confused about so many things including basics such as which server do I need? I’m in the UK so was thinking about one of EU servers, but I’m reading that it doesn’t matter? 
Are there any RP hubs I could visit? How to you find this somewhat illusive RP? 
I’m mature player previously WoW RPlayer, up  to any kind of RP to get me started. 
If you could please point me in right direction and/or gently shove … ;-) I’d appreciate any and all the help! 

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Hello there, JD, welcome! :D Being on the right data center is the most important part*. You can server visit anywhere within the same data center to meet up with folks for RP and events. Your server, however, will impact some things such as which FC's you can join, if you have any desire to join an RP FC. EU does have two different data centers, so the important part may be choosing the data center with more of an RP community (sorry to say, I play in NA, so I'm not sure which one that would be). I will say many RPers choose to play on the NA Crystal Data Center as it has the largest population of RPers in the game, but that's not to say you won't still find RP on EU and have a better overall gameplay experience there! :)

*Data center visits are in the works, so presumably in the future you'll be able to enjoy plenty of RP no matter what data center you're on, but we're not sure yet how smooth the data center visits will be.

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