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New to FFXIV / (in-game RP) / AND MMORPGs in general...heh

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Hi there friends! You can call me Honey (She/They) ❤️ I'm a 20-something nerd from the US who loves Video-Games (but that's obvious), Reading, Writing, Journaling, Text-Based Roleplay, and OC Making (Asking me about my Pinterest Boards XD)! Feel free to add me on Discord: @JustLikeHoney#3418

-MMORPG Background: Suffice to say...I am a n00b. Though I love video games, I must admit that I am very new to MMORPGs. I tried my hand at WoW a while back but it just wasn't assessable for my those with low-vision. With lots of messing around the HUD options though FFXIV didn't seem as itemitdating as it once did and after just a little while of grinding at the MSQ I'm hooked! I'm not a super completive player and really enjoy the story within it all ('m usually a cozy gamer alright?! and this is no SIms 4 or Stardew Valley!)!

-RP Experience: Like I said above, MMOs are new to me and so RPing in an MMO is BRAND NEW and a bit scary! I really don't know know where to start so I could use lots of help! haha HOWEVER, I have RPed over discord and have lots of experience! I've being RPing for years and love the creative aspect of it all. I also have some experience with TTRPGs and love to play D&D!

-Character Ideas/Info: My main (and only char for the time being) character's name is Koya and she's an Au'Ra. I haven't had the chance to really think about her backstory. I want to have the chance to take in the world a bit to be accurate when it comes to the world building, and canon lore! Though I already have a few ideas brewing!

-What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? I would love to have role play be a big part of my game! I want to dedicate my time to it and have a good and detailed experience! While I love running the story but I love to make up my own even more! 

All in all I'm here to learn about RP,  and make a few good friends along the way. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me! And thank you so much for reading! 

-Xx Honey

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Hi Honey!!! 

I want the rp side of things to be a pretty big part of my game too! I can't wait to see what comes from your character! Feel free to reach out if you'd like as well! I am almost always down to do some rping! :)

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