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(Balmung) The Ratcatchers <Violence now included>

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"S'aa, 'Adventurer'. Buncha prissy fops who run around killing people for coin, but didn't like being called mercenaries and assassins. Iffin' you aren't looking to whore your sword-arm out to the highest bidder, yer in the wrong profession no matter what label they slap on it." 

The Ratcatchers are the bottom of the barrel, the group that you turn to where the job doesn't matter as much as the pay. A ragtag of low life and those too inexperienced to even be noticed by the many hunting companies. Any job, be it the kidnapping of some poor noble's girl, the collecting of a debt, the retribution upon an unsavory soul, or even the procurement of some rare beast, none of these are beneath that of the Ratcatchers for the right price.


Beneath the grunge and grime of the company would be a darker core, one content to remain in the shadows and support the inner workings of the company. Activities even the rank and file may protest to are matters that are indulged in, if necessary. Theft, assault, drug peddling, intimidation, maybe even slavery...aspects like these are matters that are of no concern for those willing to participate. Only so long as such tasks benefit the company and provides them the opportunity to maintain their current aspects and duties.


<OOC Information>

The Ratcatchers is a hybrid Free Company and discord group focusing our attention on ingame activities and heavy rp, be it raiding/trials, world rp, or hosted events. Our roots have been based by in the days of SWTOR and our little band of rats have evolved and changed throughout the many different games we have went through. Our goal is provide a space for a niche of people that wish to explore darker aspects of rp or participate in morally grey aspects and themes within the Final Fantasy XIV universe.


Unlike other free companies, to be involved in our activities or events does not require you to be within the actual Free Company, but rather to communicate through our discord server. Our immediate plans right now is to expand our roster of active FFXIV users to better participate in ingame activities as well as to build connections with other like minded organizations for further engagement. 


All types of characters are welcome with our company, though our preference are for those more criminally inclined. So long as you are respectful and cooperative within ooc aspects, you can find a place here among the Ratcatchers family. If you have shown interest in the company, or wish to become involved, you may contact me via my discord down below or my ingame name for a IC meet up to discuss the opportunity. Or, if you merely wish to gather information, can always speak to me oocly and I would be more than happy to answer your questions however I can.


In game name: Daesha Fyth Balmung

Discord: DoctorSnek#3437

Free Company: The Ratcatchers <RAT>

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Hello there!


I am interested in getting back into z’criminal element of RP. I have not totally figured out who my character is as of yet. However, I do have a general idea of where he’s from and what some of his major quirks are. I connect via PS5, so as of right now, discord isn’t available (though it will be early 2022). I have a character who is level 80 Ninja, 70 samurai, 50 Dancer and 70 (dreadfully unpracticed) Scholar. For RP purposes, I’m leaning into the ninja role as that is the role that I’m usually playing on an OOC basis. 


I have completed all 3 games (expansions) and am currently going back to finish those quest that I just didn’t get to. 


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