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Hello~ ^^


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Hello there, my name is Shep. I'm new to the RP scene though I have always loved to read and write. Some friend's convinced me to try when FFXIV ARR releases...not that they had to try very hard to get me to agree. =] After asking a friend for a few tips I was directed here.


I have played a lot of MMO's in the past including FFXI years ago. Though I didn't play 1.0 I have read up on the lore and watched the let's plays so I hope I can keep up to the original story. I was also nominated to write my guilds background in the leader's place for whatever reason, so I hope you will all give me a few ideas on the setup if you can. I wrote a character bio, however I am not ready to post it just yet.


Well that's all for now, Thanks! ^^


PS: This is the first time I ever posted on a forum so if this ends up where it shouldn't be I'm very sorry!!

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Welcome to the RPC! Hope you enjoy your time here and looking forward to see your   wiki page whenever you're done with it! :D

Thanks, I hope to have it all done soon. ^^

Always room for more FFXI veterans to share my constant nostalgic talk with! Welcome!

I can't really call myself a 'Veteran', I was just a lowly thief trying to survive in a cruel, goblin filled world.

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