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Several characters seeking RP partners

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Hi, looking for some RP partners to motivate myself to develop my characters and write more :] below are the blurbs I wrote up for each character's carrd; if any of them pique your interest I recommend you to check their carrd link!


Please contact me on discord dairy#1188 for more info.


I'm currently looking for...

  • a roleplay partner for a romance plot.
  • a roleplay partner for a story plot.
  • a small group for a story plot.
  • more casual interactions for Napalm and Noa.




other notes

  • I'm 26 years old - being around that age is a big plus! being of age is required.
  • I like being friends with my RP mates. If you don't like being bothered outside of roleplay I don't think I'm the person for you.
  • I'd like to roleplay via discord first to see if we manage to come up with a plot that we can both be immersed in.
  • My timezone is GMT+9. Yeah. discord RP it is for now.
  • I prefer roleplaying non-WoL characters and will only RP WoL characters with WoL characters.
  • I usually post a paragraph or two.
  • https://pastebin.com/Eb98pcPx (SHB SPOILERS)
  • here's a typical RP post. Password is "napalm".
  • I keep IC and OOC separate. I don't like ERP. It's not very fun for me.
  • While most dark themes are fine for me, discuss sensitive topics with me first. I'm open to permanent injury should it be important to character/plot development.
  • Character death. however, is not up for negotiation.
  • I do not condone nsfw themes with lalafells. (edited)

Napalm Harper (Elemental, Primal)





The strange mi'qote looks over at you and smiles, his hand doing somewhat of a casual salute. He slowly shows you a series of hand motions, which you may or may not recognize as some sort of sign language. Before you could even think to respond, he notices your confusion and opens his mouth to ask for whatever he'd been meaning to ask in a more common tonuge.

If you were observant enough and had previously been to Ul'dah, you would immediately recognize that this man hails from the desert city from the way he carries himself, the way he enunciates his words.

The stranger shrugs and leans forward, an elbow on the table in front of him. Despite the cheeky disposition, he seems eager to hear your response.



Noa Karamomo (Crystal)






Noa is an Au Ra who is... not quite there, to say the least. She is often caught in the middle of Ul'dah, staring off into the distance for hours on end with possibly nothing in that little noggin of hers.

When she isn't standing around completely spaced out, she spends her time hunting various beasts. She carves the meat, innards, teeth and tusks and whatnot from what she had killed. They sometimes fetch a heavy price depending on how exotic or powerful the beast is. Her tool of choice is a pair of daggers, which she uses to quickly and efficiently put the beast down before it can react.

If the beast is of significant size, she always makes sure to cut open the beast's stomach to see what's inside. It's as if she's looking for something...

Those with a very sensitive nose may notice a faint smell of rotting carcasses constantly circling around her.





If none of the above pique your interest, I impore you to check out my other characters that I'd really love to develop despite not having them in game T__T

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