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Rp player looking for an rp partner, rp companion, rp romance, etc

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Hello. I have been playing this game since December and it is been very helpful with trying to endure the stress of the pandemic. I have role-played and other games and it's a lot of fun and I have started to get back into it with this game. First of all I do apologize if I am posting this on the incorrect section I just signed up with this page. Second I'm not sure if I'm even on the right group due to playing on famfrit. However with the next expansion we should be able to travel to all the servers I believe. My character is a Miqo'te that has lost his memories. Other than recalling the foggiest memories of walking from the outskirts of town, he cannot remember who he is or where he came from. He travels to search for answers. I would enjoy having a female toon companion for him. As well as making friends in rp and ooc. I am a hetrosexual Male in real life. But I am easy going. My timezone is central I believe. I am usually able to play during most days around 9 pm my time during days I am off work. I have rp'ed on discord and it is alot of fun. Ooc wise I would enjoy learning more of the game. I'm on my way of becoming an omni crafter but there's still so much to do in the game. Also I have not completed the main story quest for shadowrunners but I am working on it when time allows. I would be happy to elaborate further on my character's backstory for those who are interested. Just walk with me here and if you wish to check for their own Discord let me know when I would be more than happy to. I thank you all for the time that you took to read everything.

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I really enjoy your story for your character.

I would love to rp with you as my midlander, she's a shy little thing who I'd a complete bookworm and is studying magic,  but is quite skilled in alchemy.

I'd love to chat more, my discord is almost always open: unsavoryhamster#5121 

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