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First off i wish to appologise if this is in the wrong place or if this have been taken up before, i didn't find anything. Either way sorry if that is indeed the case.


First so i was wondering if there will be options to go to a barber to get a "Haircut" or dye your hair or along those lines. Hair only nothing plastic surgery like to change your features.


Thanks ahead of time.



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One is supposed to be added, not sure if it's going to be Phase 4, or on release. But there will be one! :D


Thanks for the quick reply, and that is super. Still have some problems deciding haircolour xD

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It's going to be added post launch.  Version 2.1 I believe and 2.2 will be housing.


I can confirm that this has been posted a couple times.


If you have access to the beta forums it might be listed under the "Player Feedback Status List"

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