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Figuring out a way to make a name make sense

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So with male viera coming in the near future, I wanted to make my name a bit more lore accurate with them, and I'm assuming that they are very, very similar to the female viera naming conventions. With that being said, I wanted to name my character Ramza, as his first name. Originally I thought, maybe he snuck into a showing of the Zodiac Brave Story, in a way similar to how Vivi and Puck snuck into "I wanna be your canary" in FF9. (Except with a hood on to hide his ears) Which than because he liked it so much, his city name would become Ramza.

But than I remembered that Ramza wouldn't be in the plot of the Zodiac Brave Story, Which than makes try to think of a way that would make him hear the name Ramza in a way that he would like it enough to make his city name. Could anyone help me with that?

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Ramza is a character who exists in the FFXIV universe, so maybe your character ran into him or otherwise heard about him? Or maybe there are other Ramza's out there in the world since it seems to be a name that exists (for at least one person) on the Source?

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