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I have to confess that I stumbled upon this site quite by chance and I'm very glad I did. I'd actually almost given up hope of finding an RP resource for FFXIV ARR and then smacked my head on this one. So, where to start? Well at the beginning is usually a good place I find, so a bit about me; I'm an older gamer from the UK and I've played a number of MMORPGs over the last 10 years or so including FFXI, WoW, EQ, GW2 and LOTRO and in most of those games I was able to successfully RP at some stage or other. I tried version 1.0 of FFXIV when it was released but as I was only able to play it at the lowest video settings (that was all my rig could handle at the time) decided it was not for me. However, as a long time fan of the franchise I've followed ARR progress with interest and was lucky enough to get a beta invite for the PS3 test last weekend. I was only able to play for a short while but that was enough to hook me. There seems to be an awful lot of scope not just in terms of gameplay but role play opportunities too.


So for the next few weeks or so I'll be furiously scribbling away a background story and a suitably interesting character framework for either a male Lalafell or Miqo'te - guess I must have some deep seated Freudian need to RP a short bloke with green hair or a cat....And once all that's sorted I'll be looking for a cosy RP linkshell to call home:)


In the meantime it goes without saying that I'll eagerly lap up any advice about character creation or any other advice that people think might be useful and hopefully I'll bump into a few of you either on the forums or in game once version 2.0 is finally released.


Thanks for having me:)

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