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Greetings all!

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Heyo.  Xerek here (yes, Xerek from the Ifrit server of FF XI, if any of you were there by some small miracle ^^).  I've played a good number of Final Fantasies, including XI and have been RPing since buying the infamous D&D Red Box ages ago.  I've been around MMO RP for awhile as well, in FF XI, CoH and most recently Guild Wars 2.


I'm bringing a small group of friends over from GW2 and we've established a Free Company (Facets of Eorzea).  So what does this mean?  More wonderful roleplay!  I hope to get to know each and every one of you over time, and work together to write legends and forge destinies.


So yeah, long winded intro.  I'm like that. :lol:


Hello all!

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