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Relativly new to this


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P.s. If this is is the wrong section, or if there is anything i'm doing wrong, please tell me.

So, a little about me:

My Char info, for anyone interested: Steve Wingus - Light - Odin -White Lotus FC


I have many years experience in MMORPG. I started way back in another well-known game World of Warcraft, back in the original Burning Crusades. Don't get me wrong, love that game, but for rp purposes, it was confusing trying to play as in character while others were not really pretending to be the char they were, so it sort of gave off mixed signals to me.


As for RP experience, i'm a bit confused what to say really, because to me, i play the games that i play with the sole purpose of trying to be that character. It's not as easy as it sounds to just switch off real life issues and go full on in game char that hasn't experienced our human symptoms of society and current situation. Then again, also not easy to imagine a completely new life as someone or something else either. Overall though, pretty much experienced all what RP has to offer, including erp. That doesn't mean i know it all, i don't, every experience is a new one, and just as good as any other.


What am i going to do with this char? hmmm, not 100% sure, at the moment, it's all relatively new, about 3 months as of writing this. However, what i would very much like, is to build up the best i can for End Walker expansion, then hit the expansion hard to 90. Will go crafting and other proffs when i get to 90, however, i very much would love to find that special someone, you know, that true, one in eternity soul mate, that i would go to the ends of time and back to do anything for.

Of course we would do content together, do party together and who knows, mabee even settle down and live our life together. Almost like in the real world, but for rp purposes of course. I also go clubbing most days at the moment. So i plan to have Fridays and Saturday as club nights, rest of time, grind and other stuff. I will still go to other clubs too, just not as much while levelling:)


As for what kind of RP i'm into, i would consider myself to already be in the light to medium mark. To me, i thought that was normal, although i do understand that the rp sign on might give the wrong impressions to some that might think it's erp, when it's not. I have done erp with services in clubs, but i'm willing to stop all that for the right person, if they are not into that, i'm sure things can still happen without all that talk. Basically, i will be loyal to my true one:) I would like to meet someone on the Odin server, but am willing to travel the world and beyond if i have to.


As for real life, it's kind of weird to explain, we all use the exact same emotions from real life, to form the character we want to be in game, so in the loosest sense theory, we are trying to be the thing we are not, but want to be. As far as i can see anyway, there are a lot of beautiful and awesome souls in game, truly wonderful people, everywhere. Why can't real life be like that too? Anyway, i will gladly share most experiences i have gained in life with others. For certain though, i will never, ever, give out any identifiable info, no matter what. There should always be a clear line between real life and rp at all time, and to me, that's the line. I cannot change real life, no matter how good or bad it was or is, it's unfortunate, but there are some things none of us can do. However, that doesn't mean i have to be like a stone and no emotions, because i do care and i want to help my friends, but for rp purposes, i will help you in game the best i can though.

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