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Stop flooding our house Tyre!


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Hi everyone! Nice to meet you!


It's been a while since I've roleplayed in a mmorpg. The first time was with the NA release of FFXI. I joined a LS called Children of Altana on Asura. After a few years I moved on to other (non-rp) Linkshells for endgame content and played several other mmorpg's. Ever since I was wondering why no other game could beat my experiences in FFXI. Yoshi-P referred to that effect in one of his letters as -the first love syndrome-. He might be right, but then I realised something else. Perhaps it was the roleplaying aspect that made my experience so incredibly intense in FFXI.


As I really want such gaming experience back and really want FFXIV to be part of that, I'm thinking about returning Tyre into his old roleplaying habitat. He will be more or less the same kind of guy. I wrote a brief summary about who he was on another forum yesterday. I'll post that here to give you an idea what I like to bring back to life in FFXIV.


Tyre is an oddball, a goof and happy chap. He is supposed to excel in the use of magic by nature, but he always messed things up. Setting the house on fire with wrong aimed magic, flood his own room or accidentally freeze his father. One day he rescued a warrior from the north from a goblin attack by hitting it with a sickle (reading my old stories back it was a sword actually) he used to harvest in the field. Ever since Tyre trained mainly in melee combat and years later practised darker magic again. Back in the FFXI days he was a Dark Knight; in FFXIV he'll continue his career as a Lancer.


I always imagined Tyre as a bit clumsy, a clown, a jester perhaps, a harlequin. Although he's not the brightest kid in town, he's kind, forgiving and helpful. A loyal friend and someone that can make everyone smile, even when they're going through rough periods. I guess his theme could be rather uplifting, happy and perhaps a bit silly. I always remember him in an almost slapstick kind of way. All his heroic deeds are based on sheer luck or coincidence.



As my native language isn't English and I'm not a very experienced roleplayer I chose Tyre to be like described above. It made it a bit easier to mask little mistakes; Tyre's friends would just refer to him as being a bit silly; "Ah, don't mind the little one, he can be a bit weird sometimes." 


My old FFXI stories are still saved on a website of one of my old CoA friends:


I really hope I can find a new home for Tyre. I probably shouldn't start too hardcore. A bit lighter and milder, so I can get into it again. ^_^ 

I'll play on two servers. On a normal EU server (new) with a non-RP character and Tyre on the unofficial RP server Balmung (transfer in progress). I might make a second character on the RP server too. While I was busy creating new names for characters (conform SE's naming conventions) I ended up making a whole family tree of a Mi'qote clan. I might as well make a story out of it.


Looking forward to introduce you all to that little weird Tar-I mean-Lalafell!

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Welcome. Your English is pretty dang amazing, so I wouldn't have guessed that it wasn't your first language.  Anywho, I hope you enjoy your stay here! Don't be shy to ask questions or anything. People here are really helpful and respond extremely quickly.

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I love playing comic relief characters as well :D. I really hope that we can run into each other as two jokers are better than one! You suffer from the same FFXI nostalgia as I do and are going to be a Lallafell....you are just racking up the points aren't ya ;). You better watch your back, because I will be hunting you to RP with you at release.

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Thank you! Thank you! Haha, that video is quite fitting indeed. And the more I read character stories, Linkshell stories, people being so incredibly friendly, I understand why RP gives my game experience so much extra depth. Should have realised this in v1.0 already, if the game itself was a little disappointing to some (me included), the RP adventures make up for it. ^_^ 


I read all the Linkshell introductions by now, but I think I need a little push in some direction.


Intermision - The big hub; join it, don't even think about it; do it. That's what I get out of the information.

Eorzean Labor Party - Big hub of crafters. Probably fun to join if I get into crafting, which I will of course.

The Night Shift - I'm from EU, but quite a night owl, I usually am online about 2 hours NA primetime, so I love the initiative; yet the primetime of TNS would probably be during my mornings.

Tales of Hydaelyn - New to the game, beginner friendly, always interesting. ^_^

The Wanderers of Shadows - I like the concept, but knowing Tyre ... he can't keep secrets, haha, imagine him eavesdropping, hitting a lantern with his lance, turning around, hitting a big bronze doorbell, losing his helmet and trips over a scared cat fleeing from all the commotion; no, not much of a shady person. ^_~

Blue Skies - Quite heavy RP, adventuring, experienced/non-experienced-mix. Sounds Tyre-ish, just have to get his story straight again to be able to join the heavy RP.

Cute Things Protection Agency - CUTE! Lovely idea! Tyre is cute! But Tyre also has a bad habit of course: impatience. Which looks quite cute/hilarious for outsiders really.

T.A.L.E. - Looks like a heavy one! An awesome one, but heavy in both RP and progress; not sure if I can mix those very well. 

Soliloquy - That's a special one! I love it! Haha, I picture Tyre accidentally tripping onto the 'stage' stealing someone else's show with his odd sheer luck and clumsiness. (Who wants to have his/her show ruined? ^_~) But, perhaps better as a side story. After all Tyre is not a great performer by choice.


There are plenty of other Linkshells, some on other servers, some not entirely fitting (Tyre is an adventurer mainly) or perhaps a bit too heavy to start with.


Perhaps someone has some starting advice. Should I just freelance a bit and show up at some public events, while at least joining Intermission? Or do you have a feeling like: Hm, that Tyre... he might just fit in there ... ? I'm open for any suggestions.


In the meantime, I have work to do. Create a story for Tyre in a new world, but with the same characteristics as the old one. ^_^


Thank you for reading and the warm welcome. It's inspiring. I love it.

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