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The following are the mostly OOC rules and guidelines we've set up so far, and these apply to all of our group's community spaces - the discord server, the CWLS, FC chat, here on this forum, etc. They were designed to just be the bare basics, and we reserve the right to edit or add to the list at any point we feel it's necessary. ^^


    This includes, but is not limited to, any kind of behavior to intentionally insult or disrespect another person. Racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, transphobia, etc is absolutely not welcome here. You're entitled to your opinions and beliefs, but you're /not/ entitled to disrespect other people because of it. We're LGBT+ friendly and always aim for having a space that's welcoming to everyone. That said, if anyone or anything ever makes you feel uncomfortable, please feel free to bring it to either myself or Bouviere! We will do our best to find a solution and/or take care of the issue.
    Keep public chats - including the discord server, CWLS, and FC chat - free from sexually explicit content. Jokes are generally fine but be aware that everyone's comfort level is different, so try to know your audience. Absolutely no sexually explicit images, screenshots, or gifs anywhere in the server, please. Tasteful or artistic nude gposes are fine, but this is not the place to dump your porn.
    If any group claims to be drama-free, they're lying through their teeth. We instead expect everyone here to, when a situation occurs, act like adults and attempt to sort things out - even if it's simply agreeing to disagree. Bou and I are both here to help mediate between parties should they have difficulty in finding middle ground, but we'll generally leave you to handle your own business unless the situation is affecting the overall group. We cannot and will not force anyone to like someone else, you're free to hate them all you'd like, but you're expected to be civil around each other in community spaces.
    Sometimes our in-character behavior will illicit in-character behaviors from others that we might not have expected. Don't have your character act in certain ways if you as the writer cannot handle the possible IC consequences your character may face.
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