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Is there any "place" where player can rent my house for free for events?


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Hey there,


my question is in the title. :)


I have a large house and its some kind of event location, club, pub (whatever you wanna call it).

But right now im still kinda afraid to hold my own events yet; guess cause i lack of experience in this genre.


Anyways - i think there are some people out there who dont have a location but still want to start own events. So for this people i would like to let them rent my house for free so they can try it.


So do you people know any site, discord or channel on this site where i can post this stuff since i would like to "help" some people.

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Aww, that's very sweet of you to be willing to let other groups use your housing for events! I'm not sure about your datacenter, but in the Crystal DC a lot of venues allow other groups to use their spaces like this, so I'm sure there's a need for it!


I would try looking up discord servers for your datacenter specifically, I came across a few links after googling "ffxiv twintania discord server" and "ffxiv light dc discord server"! There's also several FFXIV subreddits you could post to, and both Twitter & Tumblr have a pretty sizable FFXIV community as well! If all else fails, you can always go into shout chat and advertise your venue for any groups that would be interested in holding events there! ^_^

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There are such places, but to be honest with you, there's a lot of venues (at least on Crystal) offering themselves as an open RP space and most event runners either have their own place already or are making a push for open world RP. My FC house is open for such things and we get a taker maybe once or twice a year, usually just our own FC members or patrons from our own events we run there. Some FFXIV RP Discords have a channel for sharing RP venues, but all the ones I know are Crystal based. Perhaps other Data Centers might have some of their own. Best of luck and I hope you find someone interested! :)

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Thanks all for the answers. I may have a look at the written sites and will see how i will go on in the future :)

Right now i have my plot on the light data center. So i will give it a shot over there i guess

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I'm working on a little something for this, but it's probably going to be after Endwalker before it comes to fruition.  But a venue search feature build into the ffxiv-rp.org site and discord bot, for exactly places like this.


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