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New to Hydaelyn RP, Hiya all!

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So first, hello~ I just joined the site in hope to find some added RP enjoyment, if that isn't obvious. Being honest, I'm doing this just before I go to bed after playing with a friend. We were talking and I really started thinking about it, and finally I'm kicking my social anxiety out for a moment to dive in somewhere.

I'm on Adamantoise, which I don't think is a heavy RP server, but since my friends play there I'd rather not leave, so if you have tips for where I could look, or play there yourself, lemme know please! I'd love to dip my toes back into the MMO RP scene as I continue through the MSQ!

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Hello! o/


Congrats on taking the first steps, of course! Social anxiety is a bitch, and most of us have it too, so no worries! At the end of the day we're all just people getting together to play virtual dolls with each other in a video game, so don't be intimidated to go all in! :3 Also, they did say they're eventually going to implement a cross-datacenter travel feature, so worst case scenario you can't find ANYTHING on your home server, you could always travel over to Crystal DC and find some RP when you're in the mood!


  • Outside the Game:
    Discord servers are probably the biggest thing right now for meeting other RPers since they usually have channels for posting RP bios / carrds / profiles and people can just scroll through to see who they'd wanna interact with. So I'd maybe google some ffxiv rp servers, there might even be specific ones for your datacenter! :3 There's also a TON of roleplayers with Tumblr blogs, so you could probably search "ffxiv adamantoise rp" on there and find some stuff! Twitter also has a huge community of FFXIV RPers on there, you could search there too!

    You could also try checking out the FFXIV Recruitment subreddit, you might find some RP groups from Adamantoise advertising in there! Even if they're from other servers in your datacenter, you could still hop over and interact with them! :3

  • In-Game:
    FCs are probably your best bet at finding RP groups! I know on Crystal, people will post ads for their FCs in the shout chats of the major cities throughout the day, so keep an eye out in case you see an ad for a RP group that sounds interesting to you! Even if you're already in an FC with your friends or something, most RP groups are totally open to including you in RP activities without actually joining! ^-^ Most ads will say something like "whisper for more info" or maybe even have a discord server link, so you can always just send them a tell (or hop into the server!) and say you'd love to be a contact!

    Party Finder is also a good way to see advertisements for FCs or even just RP venues such as bars, nightclubs, restaurants/taverns, etc! These are generally open RP places, so maybe go check some out if they sound interesting, and you might be able to meet some new RP friends! 😄 The hardest part is getting yourself out there at first, but once you start meeting a couple people, they'll likely be able to recommend more places to you, and you'll eventually find more and more!
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