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Interracial naming

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Hi, I know that interracial relationships are a bit of a taboo in Eorzea, so I would like a bit of advice in naming a mixed WOL, it doesn't have to be 100% lore accurate. The mother would be a Highlander and father Raen from Malaguld with Xaela blood. Neither of them want their daughter(Raen) to inherit their surnames since one is associated with a mercenary family and another a tribe she doesn't belong to. I think I going to make her forename something Xaela like since Father couldn't care less about Raen culture and he gets the dibs. The problem is a surname. They are adventures that ended up living somewhere on the outskirts of the Shroud, so one that would't  be too suprising there would be nice. Thank you for advice and apologies for the slight clusterf.

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The Shroud is mostly populated by Hyur and Elezen, so if they want to give her a surname that wouldn't be out of place, something English (Hyur) or French (Elezen) might do. With her being half Highlander, a Hyuran name might be more fitting.

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