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♛ The Crown of Lesalia ♛ - Bismarck, Materia


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Are you an LGBT role-player who is, or is planning to, play on Materia? Are you looking for a free company to be a part of? If so, I would love to invite you to...



✦ View the Carrd ✦

(Even if you don't really want to join, you should click the above anyway and play my little mini-choose your own adventure lol)


Named after the fabled capital of Ivalice, The Crown of Lesalia was founded by a Viera merchant named Aringrimr Ymir who said he wanted to create a haven for individuals who shared his romanticized ideals of beauty and art.


At first glance, the Crown of Lesalia's primary purpose as an organization seems to be the managing talent of various sorts. Its members are talented performers, entertainers, storytellers, and otherwise artistically inclined individuals who come to Lesalia to help manage them. However, one need not look too hard to realise that Lesalia's standards in accepting new members into their ranks have less to do with actual talent or ideals.

In reality, the only true metric of whether one is fit to join is how well you fit in to Arin's idea of a 'friend'. Individuals who are in need of a found family or support are often more likely to be welcomed, and despite the actual business in place, the eccentric nature of Lesalia and it's members can sometimes make it feel more like a very strange collection of eclectic individuals.



The Crown of Lesalia is a roleplay FC based in Bismarck, Materia. It is an LGBT group that has a little bit of a found family/quirky ensemble//ball house vibe. The FC, it's story, and what it's all about is character-driven and something that would cater to characters who may be different in terms of personality but would want to be part of something with a tight-knit group.


As a snapshot of what we're about:

  • Light to Medium RP
  • 18+ to allow a wider variety of content
  • Newbie Friendly
  • Regular Events & Activities
  • Sign-up Perks and other rewards


Sound interesting? Then feel free to PM me here, or on discord @alek#0641



What if I'm not LGBT+?

While not a requirement, the aim of the FC is to be a space geared towards the LGBT community. So long as you can be respectful and play nice with everyone, then there shouldn't be any problems.


I like the sound of this, but I don't really know if I can or want to join just yet.

You're welcome to come hang out in our discord with us and just hang out! We love having like-minded people around!


✦ See our Past Events ✦

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