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Hello! FFXIV Vet, New RPer


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Howdy! Long term FFXIV player here. I've RP'd many times before, in various games and waaaay back in AIM and IRC chat rooms (yes, I'm old). I'm looking for an RP community on the Zalera server (Crystal Datacenter). I am one of those people that skipped all of the MSQ to keep up with friends so I've started a new character and I'm slowly going through the MSQ and writing a journal-type RP blog to track my adventure. I'd like to make some friends and hang out in game whenever possible! I'm very low level right now but I'm working daily to make progress. I love taking screenshots and making memories. The link to my blog (both on here and my own external site) are in my signature, if you'd care to take a look!


IRL, I'm a 33 year old gay guy that works at a casino as a card and dice dealer. I live with my long-term partner and love playing video games, cooking, and listening to music.


Talk soon!

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