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Feeling the urge for RP, stumbled on this place!


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Ah jeez, it's been a WHILE since I've done a forum introduction.

For starters, you guys can just call me Ammy for short! I'm 25, genderfluid (AMAB) and I've got ~13 years of roleplay experience - forum roleplay for most of my adolescence, but I also did it in WoW for a couple years. Compared to some people here I'm very green both when it comes to MMOs and especially for FFXIV. I played WoW from late WoD to early BFA before dropping that trash fire xpac and never looking back (sorry not sorry!~) I was on Wyrmrest Accord which is one of the RP servers over there and RPed decently regularly. Kept an XIV sub going around the same time, though my pacing is GLACIAL. (430 hours in and I only just hit Kugane in Stormblood earlier tonight.)

Anyways, unfortunately I'm on Cactuar which isn't much of an RP server and I'm hesitant on bailing to a more RP heavy server as my FC is incredible and I'd miss the hell out of them. I did read somewhere on here that I could potentially visit Gilgamesh for more active RP on Aether? (And I'm aware of data center visit coming in Endwalker - stoked for that!) Far's my character (Cheliam) goes, over this time she kinda graduated into one of my mainline OCs and I've transported her across to different settings/RP campaigns, etc. I commission Too Much Artwork of her.

Anyways, a little about myself and what I'm looking for; I'm a full time Am*zon driver so four days of the week I'm preeeeetty much unavailable, across town from my PC as it were. That said I'm def in the market for more lightweight, casual stuff to help fill in the weekends. Stumbled on this place while looking into how RP works in FFXIV - mostly after seeing a couple stragglers with RP icons in-game and realizing 'wow that is a thing isn't it'.

Anyways, looking forward to learning more about RP in Eorzea from you all! Seems like a very chill community you all built over here!

tl;dr tortured megacorp employee seeks to type words on a screen in an mmo on the weekends. plays a lesbian axe princess with a hime cut on a server that doesnt rp. send help

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