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Input for my first rp character?

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Hello! I'm a former WoW rper and I'm pretty much brand new to the world of FFXIV (though I'm a huge FF fan in general!). I love rp so I somehow got my character into Balmung. I made a basic character profile just to hopefully get started with some rp quicker.

I was inspired by how FF characters in general seem to be tied to nature theme-wise (Terra, Cloud, Squall, Lightning, Yuna, etc.) and I wanted to make a character themed around the moon and the night. The night is full of darkness so "tricks" and "deception" can take place within it and yet it also has the "gentle" glow of the moon and the stars that guide people. So she has a bit of a duality to her personality wise with her being cunning yet gentle.


Conjurer's draw magical energy from nature however, I don't think it was said that it has to specifically be the woods. Personally, I would define nature as anything not man-made. So I guess drawing power from the moon and the ocean is good? Haha. What do you people think?


Because she's really themed around the moon, she has an affinity for water spells. From what I remember with the conjurer questline, conjurers using the element of water is pretty standard even if this isn't reflected in the gameplay so should be fine.


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44 minutes ago, Shev said:

I would say I see the only possible conflict being astro dealing with heavenly bodies.

I don't really know what astro means here. lol
If the moon is an issue, I guess I could just say that she draws most of her power from just bodies of water.

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Conjurers do use water spells! However, going by the game lore, the conjurers draw their power specifically from the Elementals and not necessarily from "nature" in general or heavenly bodies. As Shev mentioned off-handedly, you may want to look into playing Astrologian when you reach Heavensward, as it is another healing class that specifically is connected to the stars/sky and might suit your idea for her better. :) That's just if you want to follow the lore more closely, however. Otherwise, everything sounds fine!

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