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Is there nothing in Leviathan?

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I've been rooting around trying to find a free company, linkshell, or even one of the houses but I am unable to find a good starting RP place. I'd like to join but where does one start? Do people get responses if they post in the Player Directory? Should I just stand in the middle of Limsa Lominsa and just spam the chat? How did everyone else get started?

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Leviathan is on the Primal data center, which is not ideal for finding a community.  There are roleplaying and raiding on every server, but on Primal your best bet for finding people and events cold is probably to hang around Behemoth, particularly near city aetherytes or in city pubs, and watch the Party Finder.


Not so very long ago, the North American data centers were split from two into three, creating the Crystal data center, and the players redistributed themselves.  Many roleplayers stayed on or switched to a Crystal server to stay aligned with Balmung and Mateus, which had a chilling effect on roleplaying on Aether and Primal.  It is there, but it will take effort.


It takes effort everywhere, to be honest, but yes, starting on Leviathan is kind of hard mode.  Good luck!


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