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Hi guys, just doing the obligatory welcome post. I'm Aussie and a girl, got into FFXIV back in July. I play a male Xaela Au Ra called Galvan Thrull (hey if guys can play female characters no reason why I can't play a dude haha). I do tanking and DPS and looking forward to meeting with you all. I'm also hoping people can give me a hand in helping flesh out my character (also I've been drawing him a lot too heh)

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On 12/5/2021 at 1:39 AM, Dark Dranzer said:

Thanks! I just posted on some older topics because I wanted to put my character out there, it's a lot of fun! Is it okay if I use the RP wiki as well?

You're very welcome! You're more than welcome to use the wiki but these days most people use carrd for their character biographies if you want to check it out instead!

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