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Returning RPer stuck in Goblin :'D


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Hello! Feel free to call me Astra- I've only recently gotten into ffxiv because of my friends, and as a lvl 55 dragoon I've been really enjoying it so far!! When I was told there was a huge rp community for this game I got super hyped-- only to realize that Goblin wasn't one of the rp servers


I don't wanna switch servers because all of my friends are here, and I've already invested much more time into this game than I should to make a side account-- so if anybody in Goblin is looking for an outcast duskwight elezen husbando/homie hmu i guess :'D!!!


(open for any kind of rp!! im over 18, female irl but playing as a male character)

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Hello there, Astra, welcome! :D There may not be many RP FC's on Goblin, but it's still part of the Crystal Data Center, so you can find plenty of RP by hopping around servers. 

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