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Another WoW Refugee


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Cause that's never gonna not be depressing.




Hey y'all! I'm Jackpool (He/Him).

I'm honestly still getting to grips with the game and its lore but I'm doing pretty well if I do say so myself. In any case; if there's one thing that I love in MMORPGs its the RP aspect of it. From WoW to SWTOR to Destiny (Yeah, we don't talk about that one) I've always been fascinated by the stories people create based around their own characters and to be honest: I enjoy some storytelling myself. I'm currently working on a good backstory for my current character: Aramus, but I'd be happy to get some feedback and ideas from people. I'll pop my Discord name here too so peeps can DM me there.


EDIT: For anyone wondering, I've got about 4/5 years of RP experience by now and I'm comfortable with adapting to any new system. RP wise I'm quite heavy with it but I'll happily tone it down if need be


DH Jackpool#1337

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I forgot to add some info
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