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Out from the sticks

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 Hello folks,


 I have been roleplaying since highschool to about last year (its a pretty cheap form of entertainment, requiring an internet connection if using that as a medium). The rise and fall of certain forums kinda ground down on me and i went to FFXIV for refuge earlier this year, though as a time sink and not a roleplaying outlet. Hilariously enough i never thought i could use it as such!


 Now I know that Crystal DC is the rp center of North America, notably Balmung and Mateus, yet i've been playing on Ultros (primal) for the entirety of my time on this game. I cant in good concious move to Crystal, as ive made some good friends in the FC im in, but making a new character and buying the skips i need to keep up to date there. The latter may be my move as I don't enjoy the idea of revealing my RP or ERP escapades  with my FC-mates. (Embarassment? Shyness? maybe)


 In any case, can't wait to explore this side of the game.


 I'm still thinkin' of my options, any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!


 Discord is NovemberFrost#9310 if anyone wants to contact me  there

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