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[align=center]You've noticed it, haven't you? Of course you have, you wouldn't be here otherwise.  You may have experienced it first hand, or perhaps heard about it from a story or a book.  Unique locations across Eorzea that seem to breed trouble... trouble that just seems to keep coming back.  Deep caverns, ruins, mines... it's difficult to say just what makes these locations different, and what seems to call an endless cycle of danger to them.[/align]


[align=center]The Whispered Spiral have their theories, though they keep them to themselves.  A secretive group of curious adventurers, the Spiral have made it a goal to investigate these locations.  Coming from a variety of backgrounds and theories, from simple explorers and scholars to opportunistic rogues seeking fortune, they dive into these repeating trials with their eyes open.  They've fought through these events before, and they'll do so again.  Together they face trials that seem trapped in a loop, hoping to shed some light on this strange paradox.[/align]





((Thanks to Caysen for the image help!))[/align]



Theme and OOC Info:


The Whispered Spiral is a small IC repeat content linkshell, focused primarily on dungeons.


It's not meant to be a large, hardcore content group, rather one where players let their lore based theories of 'how in the world are we running this dungeon again in character' run free. We're not here to break lore, nor are we here to say that this phenomenon is happening to everyone (wouldn't dream of doing that to other roleplayers!). But we are here to have a good time, to be as silly or serious as reasonable within the world of ARR while exploring this idea.


With things like the Echo in place in the game, as well as Lightning from FFXIII apparently slated to make an appearance, it feels like there's room in the lore to explore why these dungeons keep repeating on us.


Is this some variant of the Echo?

A corruption of aether due to the Calamity?

A trial from Althyk?

Or maybe we're just all mad.


Bring your theories (or create one as you join!), and let's see what we come up with.

New players and old alike are welcome with open arms.



- Running content IC, from dungeons to quests to FATEs.

I'd like this to be a casual happy place for roleplayers of any background. Serious characters, villainous characters, the goofy and laid back, all types are welcome.


- Have fun.

I know sometimes dungeon running becomes a chore. I don't want that. You don't want that. Fun is greater than content completion here.


- Explore different variations on this theme.

Sometimes a dungeon might literally repeat, sometimes we have to beat away a nasty group that keeps slinking back. Variety is encouraged, party leaders let your characters set the tone.



Rules and Joining:



1.) The Spiral is a secret group, with one rule binding them over anything else: Do NOT discuss the theories and repeating nature of dungeons outside of the group.

- This concept, obviously, won't be for everyone, and we're certainly not here to start telling people what is or isn't happening to their characters. Those who want their characters to be experiencing this will join us, everyone else is free of the Spiral.

- If a party has some non-shell players in it, then we keep quiet in party chat about our group/theories like any good secret group would. Not everyone treats dungeons the same way in RP, and out of respect for other RPers not in the linkshell, we should avoid forcing our ideas onto them. Don't run about claiming you've killed major bosses for good, don't insist you've killed a boss hundreds of times to someone.


2.) This is likely to be a small group (hopefully large enough for most dungeon runs of course), and not one meant to be exclusive. Feel free to join other linkshells, just don't forget us!


3.) Be kind and respectful to everyone in the linkshell.

- If you're the sort that's going to lose your temper and start to rant OOC if a dungeon run isn't running smoothly, you might want to consider other shells. Characters may clash, but never should IC frustration leak into OOC.


4.) There are no 'activity rules', but there's little point to this if we don't do content together. =)


Not really a rule, but don't feel like you must have a theory all worked out to join. We can brainstorm something up, or you can have fun having your character react on the fly.



Want to help me out?

Interested in joining?

Send a PM to Imsey or post here and I'd be very happy to talk about it.


The linkshell will be created in phase 4 of the beta, and a dungeon run(s) will be planned to kick off the shell once members are ready. Dungeon runs will start, well, once we have enough people of the right level to start them.


I warn you all now I'm new to the game, so I apologize if this turns into a case of the blind leading the blind.

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With the change to the linkshell hall (which I love!) I feel a bit better about posting ideas/questions here now (I didn't want to seem like I was bumping the thread over others and all).  To those who've joined, I'd recommend subscribing here (if you haven't).  I'll certainly send out PMs for any major linkshell news, but might toss extra things here as well.


Just as a general update, our linkshell has a body count of 4 currently.  =)  Thanks to everyone for joining! We have a light party~


There might be a little tank/healer juggling going on between a couple of us (I'm willing to take on either/both roles, and don't mind trying to tweak Zha'li to do so), but all should work out.  Hoping to get even more members come P4 and release!

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I'd be interested in having a stable group to run dungeons with, as some random groups tend to rush or have less-than-agreeable temperaments. I'd be happy to help anyone who needs it, as well. 


It is nice--and an interesting approach--to be able to roleplay in dungeons a bit, even if they do repeat. I've seen the "madness/dream" idea proposed in other games when discussing randoms in a roleplay context.


If you'd have me, I would happily join your group. Seeing how my character is, I'll probably be performing a variety of roles, but I enjoy healing and will see if I can get the systems to work with my setup.

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I'd be interested in having a stable group to run dungeons with (...snip...)


I'd be very happy to have you! =) Having another healer on board is always welcome (and if your character happens to feel like being something else at any point in time, I'm certain we'll be able to roll with that as well. ;) )


If you have any questions/ideas/etc, do feel free to toss them at me here or via PM.

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That's really great to hear!


Leveling each of the classes is a significant draw for me, and I've plenty of time to spend in Eorzea, so when the linkshell has developed, I will probably fill the role of whatever is needed for specific runs. I actually am very comfortable with the combat engine, and with having a smaller pool of abilities, so I may not have any of the issues I did in previous games. 


In order of confidence, I'd rate myself as a healer, then a DPS of either type, then a tank. I have heard that tanking requires more attention when it comes to maintaining threat. That may make it a weakness for me because the thing I have the most trouble with is switching targets quickly (I use a PS3.) However, that may even out with continued practice, considering I'm better with the controller than the mouse and keyboard.


I'm also assuming the group is not going to place much of an emphasis on voice chat, seeing as we may be grouping with players outside the linkshell. This is fine with me, as I'd prefer not to use it.

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That's really great to hear! (...snip...)


Sounds good. I haven't really had a chance to dabble in tanking for ARR yet, but it really looks like they gave some great tools for watching where threat is. I'm sure we'll have the tanking spot filled, and people should surely feel free to try out new roles as we investigate this strange dungeon phenomenon.


Personally I've never cared too much for voice chat. Not to mention my voice certainly won't work out for my male character, ha.

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Nice to hear this is shaping up!


As for roles, Caysen's mainly a DD/support type, but he has been known to dabble as a Gladiator. I could fill in as a tank if needed, though I haven't had a chance to learn tanking in this game either.


And since it's a secret society, if it goes badly I can trust ya'll to never tell anyone... :thumbsup:

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And since it's a secret society, if it goes badly I can trust ya'll to never tell anyone... :thumbsup:


Haha, too true. :D


Cool though, nice to see we're all pretty flexible. Though I think I'll leave most of the DD up to others for the most part, though I'll try to hop in for that if/as needed.

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I really like this idea!  If you need a healer, I'd love to be part of this ls.


We'd be happy to have you! =)

We're in the very lucky position of having multiple people interested in healing, as well as people willing to fit in multiple roles as needed (myself included).

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Count me in and I plan on playing dedicated tank, but happy to step aside for others to fill the role too. I also would be willing to show any would be tank the ropes. I had a lot of fun in P3 teaching friends party roles one on one via levequests. Rhan'ir himself loves to train and spar as well, so we could do it all IC.

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Count me in [...]


Wonderful, and welcome!  =)

A dedicated tank is something we've certainly been hoping to have.  =)

As someone who was willing to try to take on the tanking role, I'd love to take you up on the offer.  Doing it IC would be wonderfully amusing (for me at any rate), as Zha'li would certainly have the willingness to defend his allies physically... but certainly hasn't had the physical training for it.

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Ok!  Thanks for all the feedback everyone.  Here's where we stand:


Based on potential availability, levels, and the slight possibility that progress could be wiped after this phase, we'll hold off on doing any official dungeon runs for actual launch.  In the meantime, I'll be creating the linkshell as soon as I'm able to, and will be around to hand out pearls very late Friday and most of the day Saturday.


As most of you were willing to hand out pearls as well, I'll likely take the offer up on the first two or three people who catch me online.


I'll be around most of the day Saturday, in the Gridania area, and would be happy to have an informal IC or OOC gathering to sort of play and get to know each other in game a bit.  So, if you see me around and you're in the area, let's group up.


Additionally, I've created an enjin site for us to use (the LS info up top has the link).  While it's not required that any of you join up, it's there as a resource for those interested.


Thanks again to all of you for your support!  The beta can't start soon enough!

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