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New and Looking for RP partners!

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HI there! New to the Rp here but wanted to give it a try! I’m looking for hopefully long term RP partners! For in game rps or discord RPs



Name: Lapis Roehaerzsyn

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/Him

Race: Viera

Sexual orientation: Bi (Heavy Male Lean)

Occupation: Rouge and Part time Dancer/ (Escort 18+)

Backstory: Bio Here!

Server: Coerul

Preferred RP locations:  Discord North#6456. In-game: Limsa/Costa Del Sol (Server hopping is fine!)

Time zone: GMT -6 (Night owl so Afternoon/Evening till Early morning)


Rp Hooks (Feel free to plot others out with me!


 Bumping into Lapis in Limsa or in other places. He does have connections in Limsa and is currently expanding them into Ul’dah.

 Commissioning Lapis for his services (He does any job for Gil as a Rouge. Escort/Client services is for 18+ only)

 Commissioning your character for additional services like potion making, weapon forging, etc.

 Targeting/Apprehension of your character/Lapis. He does have some enemies that don’t like him. 

Making connections to grow his or Your character’s network for shady/Non shady work. 


             What I’m looking for. 

 Long-term RP partners for either/both Discord and in-game

 Slow-burning relationships for Lapis, either platonic, romantic, or more

 Fun RP hooks with twists to keep it interesting and thrilling for both.

 Occasional RP Short RPs for day-to-day bantering and interaction if wanted. 

Optional 18+ Mature RPs


If interested or need more info Please contact me on Discord!  #North6456

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