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[Discord] Viera RP network on Crystal!


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  • Do you play a Viera or enjoy the idea of having more Vieran friends?
  • Are you interested in Vieran traditions and keen on making your own?
  • Do you seek Viera from your former tribe or ones with ties to their former tribal life?
  • ...or perhaps you wish to bring back the traditions of Skatay/Golmore to the rest of the star?


Join us to:

  • Make some contacts with other Viera
  • Discuss lore, headcanon & other
  • What your character would do? Enjoy the rp-prompts to see how they could react to certain situations and events!
  • Enjoy the events which could bring old tribal traditions and beliefs to life.. even outside of the Wood!



Link to Discord: https://discord.gg/rjGCyqKaZv

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