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Asking for advices on character profile!

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So, after trying out different ideas and experiencing RP a little bit, I tried my hand at actually creating a profile for my first character.


Is it... too long? short? Anything crucial that I am missing? Anything that I should look to add?

Input for either the story/character itself or the layout of carrd are both welcome! It is also my first time using it.

I wanted to make sure it looked at least okay before posting it to look for rp partners, etc.


First time is always hard... although I am certainly enjoying it.


Here it is:





Also - happy new year, everyone!

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Happy New Year! :) Thanks for stopping by Happy Hour the other day! The carrd looks fine both layout and content wise. As for the length it's more of a personal preference, but I think Z'sihna's has enough useful info without being too overly long.

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Thank you Faye for taking a look at it! It was a pleasure to stop by and meet people.

Z'sihna may have been a little overwhelmed at the start of that Happy Hour, but she certainly enjoyed her time (and a tad bit too much drink) there.

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