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Alright, I figured I'd post this up here just to see what people thought of my character and to make sure that everything is as lore friendly as can be. I have everything on the wiki right now, so I suppose I'll copy his backstory over to here along with his personality. 




Quick Overview 

He's a 22 year old Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te male of the Wolf Clan (wow, what a terrible description). He resides in Gridania and works as a Sellsword for right now, maybe spice it up later. His nameday is the 13th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon and his Guardian is Azeyma.



Ul'dah, the birthplace of many Seekers of the Sun. W'Dekan Tia was one such birth, on the thirteenth Sun of the third Astral Moon in the year 1555. From a young age, W'Dekan took to hunting, as many of his kin did. He didn't really stand out from the crowd very much. He just kind of went with the flow, learning what he could from whoever would teach him. It wasn't until he picked up a spear for the first time that he started to stand out. Whereas many of his relatives took to being pugilists or (rarely) archers, W'Dekan fell into the minority when he chose to take up the spear as a Lancer. He chose this weapon because of a Dragoon from Ishgard. W'Dekan observed the man's feats and fell in love with the way he moved. The way he fought was beautiful, but every muscle's movement had a purpose. The Dragoon became the boy's role model, and even taught the boy how to wield the spear a bit. However, he was still young. He still made mistakes. It wasn't until someone almost died to his hands that he learned restraint. That made W'Dekan grow as a person. His thought process and aspirations changed. Where before, he wished to be the strongest. He wished to have the most power of anyone, he changed to wanting to use his power to protect.


Then he became of mating age. W'Dekan irritated quite a few clansmen when he refused to challenge the mating males. He simply had no interest, at least, not in the traditions of his culture. His deviation seemed like the traditional idea of "marriage". He wanted to be with someone who loved him, not multiple people who he was entitled to because he was the strongest. He just had different aspirations. Some of his clansmen rejected him, while others were embracing of him and polite, at the very least. Then it all happened. W'Dekan was too young (or so he was told) to join the Warriors of Light in their battle against the evils and thus stayed behind to live out the fallout that occurred after the crisis. Those five years only strengthened his resolve to protect. He wouldn't be left out of the fight again.


At one of the first chances W'Dekan had, he boarded a carriage and headed to Gridania. He left, not because of his clan, but because he heard that Gridania was in dire need of some assistance. While he knew that one person wasn't going to sway an entire war in one or another's favor, he wanted to help in any way he could. He chose to become a sellsword for a while, fighting for anyone who could pay him to live.




W’Dekan is, in general, a pretty warm and caring individual. He’ll sit there and talk to you about whatever you want to talk about, even if he doesn’t really have an interest in it. He’s more than likely the first person to try and cheer you up and will keep secrets if asked. He doesn’t like to spend money, but will if it means making someone happy. He tends to be pretty funny, especially in groups of people(even though his brand of comedy is just sarcastic remarks). W’Dekan thinks on his feet when in a fight and resorts to tactics others might not think of or deem “fight worthy” in order to win. He says that “In combat, the ends justify the means.” He’s tenacious, sometimes almost to a fault. He is nearly constantly calm, unless driven to snap(which takes a lot). When he fights, he acts a bit like an animal. While he isn’t the first one to ready his spear, he’s often times the last one to put it away. W’Dekan tends to hold grudges against people for much too long. He tries to crack jokes for people or make people laugh because he loves seeing people smile. It’s one of his reasons for fighting as hard as he does, or so he says. He’s very crafty, even when put in seemingly impossible situations. W’Dekan has several things that most people would hate about him. He clings to things that others would find trivial or stupid, despite the costs. He breaks from traditional Miqo'te fashion in having absolutely no interested in being one of the mating males. He's quite happy to just be himself and not have to fight his kin over a title and a right.


Picture of W'Dekan


I'm not 100% on if I like the personality or not, but its one I know I can rp well. I might trash it, depending upon feedback and feel of the character, and write something different before Phase 4 (because I have plenty of time to do so). I just hope what I have right now is even mildly good. I went a way with W'Dekan's history that might come back to bite me. I kept the whole backstory condensed to, basically, what W'Dekan would tell someone about his up-bringing. Not sure if that's a good approach or not, which is kinda why I'm looking for feedback. Thank you, ahead of time. Sorry for the brick, spoiler tags were being... irritating.

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Granted, I'm a newcomer to FFXIV lore and the game... but what you wrote sounded like could be interesting and fun to RP. 

In my history though, I've found you simply must RP what feels 'right'- regardless of what others may say. You simply HAVE to feel comfortable in the character's skin for them to 'flow' through you and make great RP.

Now, not talking twisting lore and all that jazz... I mean the core being underneath the game wrapping.


I don't know if my method of character "creation" (which I will not go into here and derail, but I'm sure it will come out eventually... *eyes the Origins thread*) is like others or if I'm some 'special snowflake' in how I think, feel and develop- but I tend to think that I'm more common than spekshal. *grins*


I liked the write up, sounded fine to -me-... and sounded like a Miqo I'd like to meet IG. :)

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He chose this weapon because of a Dragoon from Ishgard. W'Dekan observed the man's feats and fell in love with the way he moved. The way he fought was beautiful, but every muscle's movement had a purpose. The Dragoon became the boy's role model, 


...... /flex


Yeah, we are a badass bunch.



Some feedback,


I'm a little biased toward this story because I RP an Ishgard-born Dragoon who left to go join the Grand Companies in hopes of preventing the (then) coming Calamity. His whole issue is dealing with being a stranger in a strange land, and his strength is entirely based around his personal code of ethics and chivalry. So, that being said, I can't help but enjoy this little homage to us "old fashioned" Dragoons. I think your story has a lot of potential, and I like that W'Dekan is no one special. He's just a dude who decided he would rather hunt with a spear instead of his fists or a bow, and it kind of shaped his world through the role model he chose. As someone who RPs the classic chivalrous knight with a slight twist, I can definitely respect the choice to play a character who is a sellsword but also a kind-hearted individual. Frankly, I really like this, and I hope we get to interact in RP. It'd be a lot of fun.


I'm sure more skimming will allow me to find some things that you need to work on, but all-in-all you have a good start here.

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Let's all follow his example!


Zikh Milh'to, Male Mi'Qote of the Moon, gladiator. He resides currently in Ul'Dah while seeking out information and preparing himself.






Zikh was born and raised to a weaver family. When he was young, his mother walked off into the destruction caused by Bahamut and Dalamung. When his younger brother went off to find the remains of their mother, leaving Zikh behind to handle the family business alone, his brother ended up disappearing as well.


Zikh spent his days continuing to work, never learning in the absence of his mother. Eventually once he came of age enough to start training thoughts of finding his brother, and the last remains of his mother consumed his mind. He'd been isolated and alone for a very long time. So setting out from the countryside he made the caravan for Ul'Dah figuring it was the closest center of information.


Upon arriving Zikh was informed of his brother. Standing over the body ready to be put to the fire to dispose of it Zikh stared down at the man who had once swore he'd bring their mother back. Zikh took his sword off his belt and walked away, sealing the idea into his heart. Up until then he'd lived for almost nothing. Now, he knew there was something deeply wrong in the world. He just didn't know what he was going to do about it.






Zikh is a quiet and reserved person, but he get's upset easily and easily confused during conversations, causing him to rant. At most times he can be described as solitary, keeping his words to himself, and details buried even deeper. His actions push him forwards, and even if he gets new gear, he always keeps his brothers sword on him.


In battle he changes into an entirely different person. All of the determination he has towards his goal focuses on his foe and turns into a steely eyed resistance to his own demise. His brothers sword, his mother's ring, and the people who caused all of it, all lay in one direction. Forwards.

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Gotta say that I'm really glad everyone seems to like him. I was so nervous for some reason.  And Zikh, you're character certainly seems interesting. I assume you're going to pick a sword and ring to keep in your inventory as his brother's sword and mother's ring, which I like. It's a nice, subtle touch.

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I'll follow this example too with my Miqo'te, though as he'll be starting as an arcanist he might not get created till EA




Xha'li is the youngest of three, though only by a few minutes.  Besides his twin brother Xha'li has an older brother though they both consider the other dead after Xha'li was exiled due to having magical potential.  On his way towards Gridania, and from there Limsa Lominsa he left a single box in one of his eldest brother favorite spots to get away from the village that contained the village's traditional gift from the living to the dead, marked with Xha'as date of birth and Xha'lis date of exile.  Besides his untrained potential with magic he's also skilled with the lance, a skill hes been maintaining as much for self-defense as for relaxation and exercise.




Xha'li is, despite his hardship, still vary much a fun loving young man.  He gives respect to those in power, but only the bare minimum unless the person who has the position has earned his trust as well.

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