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[Leviathan] - Reaching Out

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Hey Everyone,

I am looking to get an idea of who is on Leviathan and would be interested in helping me grow in the RP Community.


Basically, I have created a Free Company that I wanted to have roleplaying as the main focus. I am not exactly recruiting, I just want to know if anyone would show interest with the idea. With the 3k+ hours I have in the game, the RP here cannot compare to anything else I've ever done.


The idea is an Academy (Which I aware has probably been done a lot) however, it is more of an adventure academy where teachers can teach on specific subjects. Players will be able to learn, interact and enjoy each others company both in game and in discord with bots to help the roleplay experience.


I would love to see if anyone is actually into that on Leviathan, then perhaps I can look into recruiting properly!

Thank you and cheers!


- Jeoyun Kishi

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