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Hia, Me again with the beginner questions :P

So i was curious since I've been trying to learn how to properly rp in ff14, and i read you need to put stuff in your search info, in order to get found more. SHould i put like name, age and stuff?

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You don't have to but it can help people have some idea what you're about! Name and age probably aren't too likely to attract much RP attention. Normally people put information like whether they're an RPer, what sort of contact that are open to (walkups, tells, etc.), and what sort of RP they are looking for (all RP, ERP, dark/mature RP, longterm RP, no ERP, etc.). You can also include a link to your character's bio. Otherwise, you can just include a short description of your character (I.E. "Ul'dahn Mercenary"). There are limited characters, so just include what you feel is important for what sort of RP you're looking for. :)

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