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[Crystal] LF RP! A childish, cheerful Keeper with a crippling weakness for headpats, ear scratches, and devouring souls

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Lihya's Carrd! Please give it a look :)

Lihya is a childish, often cheerful and enthusiastic Keeper with a crippling weakness for headpats, ear scratches, and eating the souls of the fallen. She loves spoiling her friends, especially through her exemplary cooking. While highly sociable, far too trusting, and always eagerly searching for new friends, this miqo’te is something of a duality. While she goes to great lengths for anyone she’s bonded with, she feels strongly that her limited time, resources, and efforts should be reserved for the worthy. As such, those she hasn’t taken a liking to are met with a surprising degree of callousness. Lihya has a deep fascination with magic, often applying it in ways which allow her to earn a living. She also retains many of her tribe's traditional Keeper of the Moon values, and is a devout follower of Menphina who expresses this through many different rites and rituals.


Hi everyone! I'm currently looking for RP contacts who would be interested in interacting with Lihya! I'm based in EST, but my schedule's so all over the place that we can probably make anything work for the most part. I've been RPing for about a decade, and in FFXIV specifically for 4. Lihya has been around for 3 of those. I love RPing with all experience levels though, if you're more experienced than me then I have something to learn, and if you're new, I'm happy I get to be a part of your first experiences. I will say I have a strong preference for in-game RP over discord. I don't get nearly as immersed in Discord RP.

Lihya often extracts aether from criminals with mysterious magic she has in her possession, and claims it provides the greatest feeling one can experience. Do you want to smoke or eat some afterlives with a Keeper that will dote on you after a few visits? Want to go to her magic shop to buy a magic item, or even commission a custom one? It might require several adventures with her, but it can be done! She runs a magic spa and clinic in the back, perhaps you need healing or just a simple relaxing pampering session enhanced by magic? She used to be a prominent blue mage performer in the Masked Carnivale who went by "Blue Moon," until she abruptly quit one day. The reason why isn't known. She was a semi-public figure, enough for people to find her if they dig around. Some seek her for magic lessons, she was known to be a teacher after all, both for blue magic, and her methods of imbuing items with unusual properties. How about protection? Security? Lihya's combat skills have been for hire for a long time. Maybe you're simply hungry when you walk by her home, and you happen to notice the "All Guests get free food!" placard outside? A strange offer, but one many take up.

Lihya is a flexible character who's often very easy to justify meets with. If anything caught your eye, I suggest looking at the carrd for more information! You can also contact me through messages here, or through discord! Natty#5120



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Hello! I actually ran across you in-game once but didn't say hello, but upon reading Lihya's carrd again and seeing this post, I think it would actually be fun to try and set something up. I sent you a friend request on Discord but you can also find me in-game on Kenoh'tan Desaali if you'd like to talk.

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18 hours ago, Pocket Fox said:

What did you use to make the character card?

I recorded video in-game with /Gpose and OBS, edited it in Adobe Premiere so it looped, and then set those videos as my backgrounds on Carrd :) 

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