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Dungeon Lore

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So with the addition of the Duty Finder this weekend I've noticed there is quite a bit of lore on the dungeons. Were these blurbs always available somewhere or is this all new lore getting added in finally? I remember reading SOMEWHERE about the story behind Haukke Manor, though I wasn't aware Lady Amandine was supposed to be Elizabeth Bathory essentially.


Either way, for anyone who was a little in the dark about the dungeon lore (like I was), it's finally easily available in the Duty Finder... YAY!

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You can find small snippets of some of the dungeons here also:




Ah-ha! This is where I read some of the stuff, I just totally forgot that part of the website was even there. But yeah, they have WAAAAAY more information than that in the duty finder now, definitely worth a look. For example in that intro to Haukke Manor it just talks about how vain she was and how she paid a terrible price to reclaim her beauty, but in the dungeon finder it actually goes as far as stating that she bathed in the blood of her virgin servants to try and preserve her looks (and that was BEFORE the Calamity disfigured her).


There's also a bit more information on the other dungeons, like the Cult in Tam-Tara, or Thousand Maws being named after a legendary creature (and I just noticed Thousand Maws isn't even on that page). There's not a lot there, just a few paragraphs at most, but still it's more lore than we had before!

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