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[Balmung] Aeonian Expeditionary Project - What lies beyond the Horizon

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Aeonian Expeditionary Project - What lies beyond the Horizon
  Goblet Ward 19 Plot 2

A Balmung Free Company


Have we really discovered everything this world has to offer? All its secrets? Do we have the best understanding of Aether and Magic we will ever have? Are the technologies we use today, the best they will ever be? Or could all of this be better? A deep-rooted desire to see what lies beyond the horizon, what tomorrow may bring, and what those of ages past have left for us to unearth, fuels the Aeonian Expeditionary Project.

The Aeonian Expedition has been commissioned by the Grand Companies to explore affairs throughout Eorzea and beyond. The projects mandate centers on research, knowledge, cataloging, assessment, and containment of anything that might expose the people of this realm. With a broad mandate and substantial funding, there are few limits to which the organization can delve into.


OOC: Our community is an friendly and welcoming outlet for people to explore and share their stories. With our open concept based in game lore any player can find a home in our company.

We Offer:

  1. Campaign outcomes that are based on player involvement. The story grows and evolves with your character's decisions!
  2. Weekly events In Game and through Discord for players with busy schedules.
  3. A unique Rolling system that allows you to explore your character's abilities. Simple profiles are created for players not as interested in dice systems.
  4. An original storyline combined with social and player-made events make for a unique experience!

Are you looking for a helpful community that will focus on your character's inclusion at the participation level you're interested in? Our dedicated officer team will work with you to find out how best to include your character in the company! Here in the Aeonian Expeditionary Project, our primary goal is to ensure all players have fun and enjoy themselves while playing FFXIV.

Aeonian Expeditionary Project has launched it's main storyline and has a strong core player base. We'd love for you to add your character's story!

Private Message me for more information or visit our Carrd below.
Discord: Joe (Dalliance)#0148

We appreciate your consideration of our Company!


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Our vision is a positive, active, robust roleplay community. A place where every roleplayer feels heard, valued, and respected. We want to create a community of quality roleplayers and storywriters; to give them a platform where they can share their stories with us and enable all our characters to grow in some way from it. When you log in, we want you to feel excited to be here; to maintain the idea that possibility lurks around every corner! We will culminate the passion our writers bring, and let it empower everyone, thereby helping all of us grow; and have fun doing it!

We want that fire, that ambition, and that passion! So if you want to join us on this adventure, come say hi!

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Everyone has a story to tell, however it's hard to come by to find the right people to express with their characters. Especially in the world of FFXIV.  We've been working hard to achieve that goal, we wanted to share great story telling, create a community that they can make connections with there story writing with roleplayers, but most importantly be the character they wanted to become and have fun doing it! 

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you...so come, be apart of our stories!

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In the past few weeks that we have been actively recruiting, we have brought in so many wonderful individuals that all have the same goal in mind. Help everyone to have fun! We don't have too many members, but we have a solid chunk of active members and we are already having regularly scheduled events in which we have most times 10 people show up to. It's all felt so nice and welcoming, and we would love to include more like minded individuals as well. If you're looking for an RP home where it's safe to develop IC and OOC with a large band of friends, definitely come and go on adventures with us. I hope to see your name come across my desk :)

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Hey Everyone!

There have been a lot of changes and developments to our community! As our membership has expanded so has our story! Our Carrd has more details than ever and we have new members running events to give players more content to engage with!

Message me if you want to learn more and come check us out!

- Joe

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