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Eorzea Chronicle Newspaper - January 2022 Issue

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Hello! I am Salem Valkyrie, head editor of the Eorzea Chronicle Newspaper. We cover both in-game and IRL news, events, and community updates around all North America and EU data centers. Our newspaper is completely free for the FFXIV community! This newspaper walks a fine line between being written inside the world of FFXIV, as our characters as the authors, but also reporting on real life news. This newspaper is 100% free to read.


The January Issue of the is out now! Google Drive Link

  • Are you interested in what is happening in the community? Check out our World and Local section!
  • Curious to see what's happening in the world of competitive play? Visit the Sports section!
  • Looking for the hottest fashion trends this month? Our Fashion section has all the latest!
  • Are you trying to make some serious gil? We have put together the top selling items for every Data Center in our Market section!
  • We also have added a new section for FFXIV Roleplayers: Entertainment!


The support, feedback, and love we have recieved from the FFXIV community as a whole is what drives us to keep making this newspaper better and include more content. The addition of our Entertainment section, which both advertises and reviews our favorite venues, is just the beginning of our vision to fully bring RP into the fold. Any suggestions or feedback is greatly appreciated, so feel free to follow up with us on our Discord.


Thank you and see you next month!

Edited by Salemsparty
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