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Hiya! I'm Kee, I'm new to the game and community but not new to rp in general! I hope I can make friends and have a great time!


I'm still pretty new to ff14, I started back in October, other than that I haven't played an MMO for about 8 years. So if you wanna run content with me please be patient I'm still learning ;;


I've rp'd for a long time though, over 10 years! Mostly it's been in fandoms rping canon characters, other than that I've also done alot of rp through playing D&D!


My current character is Kiyo! An Au'ra who's learning about the world and just enjoying the pleasures of it. My friends kinda rushed me along in MSQ to catch up to them in content for Endwalker so I don't know much Lore wise, I'm still trying to learn it all!


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