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Gabe Graceful

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Hello to all the glorious and fine people of the RPC!¬†ūüĎč
Glad I came across this forum, it seems very nice and kudos to the staff, thanks for the amazing work! 

I'm fairly new to FF genre, like less than a year so the lore is not the strongest with me yet, but working on it. 

Allow me to introduce myself, the name is Gabriel Graceful I also have Uriel but that's another story! 
Currently newish to the FF14 genre but not new to RP' in various of other universes. 

I've came across this forum and thought it was a good way to say hello and to share an venture idea along with meeting likeminded people, create some friendships and enjoy my time even more in Eorzea. 

My home is on¬†Aether,¬†Midgardsormr. I've been with a wonderful mature¬†family like FC for ¬Ĺ+ a year¬†and that has created some great ideas that we wish to share to make the community even greater, and hopefully create a lot of good quality RP and great experiences for us all.¬†
We are all for sure to be called light+ RP'ers and for some it's a first time but that does not cool down our ideas or scare anyone away.
Work on our part is ongoing and I will share some more of it, under another topic if that is ok.
For now I just wish to make my presence known and looking forward to meet the people who come across our path here or in Eorzea.

Sincere greetings from,

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