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Just joined! New to FFXIV, but not new to RP.


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Hey new friends!

I'm S0ngbyrd, and I just got into FFXIV a little bit ago. I usually have been turned off by MMORPG's, but for whatever reason I've been bitten by this game. As an avid D&D player and DM, I obviously went looking for RP information, and found this place. I hope to start making new friends soon!

Also, It seemed like the main two RP servers were full (Mateus and Balmung) so I hope there is stuff happening in the other worlds.

Now to start that grind! (:

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While Mateus and Balmung are the two largest centers for roleplay, as long as you are on the same data server (Crystal, in this case) you are free to visit the other servers as well. Your only limitations may be the amount of roleplay free companies available on whatever server you choose. However apart from that if you want to RP, just visit one of other servers by going to an Aetheryte and selecting "World Visit"


And welcome to FFXIV!

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Hello, S0ngbyrd, welcome! :D As Lainey mentioned, as long as you're on the same Data Center as Balmung and Mateus (Crystal), all the RP is still available to you, so you're all set on Coeurl! If you ever want to swap over though, server transfers will available in the future one the server populations thin out.

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I'm on Crystal as well. I'd be happy to rp. I've been considering getting into DD for  little while now so I'd be happy to be around a person who likes to geek about it ;)


Also, I have an alt named Songbird but her name is in Cherokee lol

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