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Illustrious Greetings!

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"I, Goro Al Doro bid thee illustrious greeting"


I am new to the world of Hydaelyn, but thus far I have been absolutely enthralled by this game and it's growing community - especially in Materia, my homeworld ; where I intend to create a roleplay-centered Free Company and Community there (The Golden Sands Caravan, which I will make a recruitment post soon enough!)

But nonetheless- I greet you all again, and I look forward to crafting stories with you!

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1 hour ago, Lainey Shepard said:

Welcome to FFXIV and the RP forums here, have any questins feel free to ask!


Also wishing you the absolute est of luck in your Free Company too!

"Gracious thanks upon you; may your scales be ever balanced, friend."

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