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Hi I'm new!


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Hi I'm Asuka, and I've been playing FFXIV for almost a year now. I main Black Mage and in-game I enjoy raiding, hanging out with my FC, and Gposing. I'm new to RP and would love to learn more about it. (which is why I'm here) I feel like it's another way to play/explore FFXIV which is exciting to me. I look forward to meeting/talking to you all! :D 

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Welcome to the RP scene, Asuka! There's definitely a lot going on in the RP neck of the woods :D I see you're on Leviathan so you're on Primal Data Center (I think?). I'd highly recommend sporadically checking the left side of this forum's main page. The Upcoming Events and Community RP Calendars are updated every day, and I find that cafes and taverns are great places to engage when you don't know any RPers yet.


You can also check if there's anyone on Primal who's an RPer in this section of the forums: https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forum/23-making-connections/


When you examine people in game, you'll know the RPers by their Search Info--most of us will have something to the effect of:




WU/T ❤️



If you look at someone's Carrd, you'll get a sense of what their character is like, as well as if it's a character you want Asuka to interact with. And it never hurts to /tell someone and ask if they're interested in RPing with you.


Hope this helps! Anyone here in the forum will be happy to answer what questions you have (myself included). Feel free to shoot a message, and happy RPing!

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